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Page Title: Installing Recording Paper
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Preliminary Starting Procedure
TM-11-5815-206-12 Teletypewriter Sets AN/PGC-1 AND AN/PGC-3 and Teletypewriters TT-4A/TG TT-4B/TG TT-4C/TG TT-335/TG TT-537/G TT-698/TG Manual
Starting Procedure
TM 11-5815-206-12/ TO 31W4-2PGC1-61
3-5. Installing Recording Paper
3-6. Installing or Changing Inking Ribbon
a. Remove the dust cover as follows:
Perform the steps in a, b, and d below for initial
(1) Loosen  t h e  t w o  k n u r l e d  n u t s  a n d
an  i n k i n g  r i b b o n  o n  t h e
disconnect the dust cover ground lead from each
teletypewriter.  To replace a worn inking ribbon,
front corner of the dust cover as shown in figure 1-
perform the step in c below also.
a. If the teletypewriter is a TT-4A/TG or TT-
6 9 8 / T G , remove the dust cover as described in
( 2 ) If the teletypewriter is a TT-4A/TG or
TT-698/TG, push the front and then the rear of
paragraph 3-5a. If it is any model other than the
the dust cover upward slightly to release it from
TT-4A/TG or TT-698/TG, swing the top door
forward as shown in figure 3-2 to permit access to
the four dust cover springs as shown in figure 1-
12. If it is a model other then the TT-4A/TG or TT-
the inking ribbon.
698/TG, turn the cam-lock knob at the lower edge of
b. Press and release the CAR. RET. key as
each side of the dust cover. Press the platen knob
shown in figure 2-5 and then hold down the space
bar until the typebar carriage has moved to the
(fig. 1-9) inward and lift the dust cover straight
middle of the platen.
upward from the base.
c. Remove the old ribbon as follows:
b. Check the amount of recording paper that is
(1) Hold one end of the ribbon reverse beam,
on the roll mounted in the teletypewriter. If the
as shown in figure 1-9, midway between the upper
paper supply is not low, replace the dust cover. If
and lower positions and turn one of the ribbon
t h e paper supply is low, install a new roll of
spool locks (fig. 3-5) manually until all the ribbon is
recording paper as follows:
wound on one spool.
(1) On TT-4(*)/TG, TT-335/TG, and TT-
(2) Unhook the old ribbon from the ribbon
6 9 8 ( * ) / T G , push the ends of the two retaining
springs (fig. 3-4) upward and lift the paper roll
(3) Raise both ribbon spool locks to the
shaft from the slots in the two mountings. Operate
vertical position.
the two retaining levers of the TT-537/G to release
(4) Operate the ribbon sensing lever that is
the paper roll shaft.
below the empty spool and lift the empty spool
(2) Insert the paper roll shaft into the new roll
f r o m the teletypewriter. To operate the ribbon
of recording paper.
sensing lever of the TT-4A/TG or TT-698/TG, fig
(3) Hold the roll as shown in figure 3-4. Push
1-9 press the lever of all models except the TT-
upward to raise the retaining springs (or levers)
4A/TG and TT-698/TG, left the lever (fig. 3-5).
and slide the end pins of the paper roll shaft into
(5) Detach the end of the old ribbon from the
the slots in the mountings. Be sure the paper,
empty spool.
when unwound from the roll, is drawn upward
(6) Remove the full spool ( (4) above).
between the roll and the paper chute.
d. Install a new ribbon as follows:
( 4 ) Pull the end of the paper through the
(1) If the new ribbon is wound counter-
paper chute, pass the paper downward behind the
c l o c k w i s e on the new spool (when viewed from
platen, as shown in figure 1-9, and turn the platen
the top), place the new spool in the right-hand
knob until several inches of paper appear at the
ribbon cup; if wound clockwise, place it in the left-
front of the platen. Do not allow the paper to wind
hand ribbon cup.
around the platen and downward behind it again.
(5) If the paper is not centered on the platen,
The larger opening in the ribbon spool is
push the pressure roller lever of the TT-4A/TG or
TT-698/TG slightly to the right and then forward
on the bottom of the spool.
to the pressure release position, or lift the platen
(2) Operate the ribbon sensing lever (c (4)
above) and turn the spool until the two lugs on the
lever latch (fig. 3-2) of all models except the TT-
4A/TG and TT-698/TG. Move the pressure roller
ribbon spool shaft are engaged with the two slots
in the bottom of the spool.
lever forward, and lower the platen lever latch.
Center the paper on the platen and restore the
(3) Pass the end of the ribbon through the slot
pressure roller lever to the rearward (pressure)
i n the ribbon spool and fasten the end to the
empty spool. Of the two spearhead fasteners on
(6) Replace the dust cover and connect the
the empty spool; use the one which points in the
cover ground leads to the front corners of the cover
direction that the spool will turn when winding the
as shown in figure 1-7.
ribbon on the spool. Stab the spearhead through the
(7) Open the top door of the dust cover, turn
ribbon and 1 inch from the end and install the empty
the platen knob until the end of the paper extends
spool ((2) above).
over the top of the cover, and close the cover.

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