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Explanation of Columns (Section IV)
TM-11-5815-334-20P-1 Radio Teletypewriter Set AN/GRC-142B (NSN
How to Locate Repair Parts
TM 11-5815-334-20P-1
5. Special Information
a. Usable on Code. The usable on code appears in the lower left comer of the description column heading.
Usable on codes are shown as "UOC": in the description column (justified left) on the first line applicable item
description nomenclature. Uncoded items are applicable to all models. Identification of the usable on codes used
in this RPSTL are:
Used on
b. The following publications pertain to the AN/GRC-142B and its components
TM 11-5038, Control Group AN/GRA-6.
TM 11-5410-212-15P, Shelter, Electrical Equipment S-318/G.
TM 11-5805-201-12, Telephone Set TA-312/PT.
TM 11-5805-201-20P, Telephone Set TA-312/PT.
TM 11-5805-387-15-1, Modem Radio Teletypewriter MD-522/GRC.
TM 11-5805-387-15-2, Radio Teletypewriter Modem MD-522A/GRC.
TM 11-5805-387-20P-2, Modem Radio Teletypewriter MD-522A/GRC.
TM 11-5815-200-12, Teletypewriter Sets AN/FGC-20, AN/FGC-20X, AN/FGC-21, AN/FGC-66, AN/FGC-159,
AN/FGC-159X, AN/FGC-160, AN/FGC-177, AN/UGC-4, AN/UGC-29, AN/UGC-29X, and Teleprinter TT-
TM 11-5815-238-12, Teletypewriter sets AN/GGC-3, and AN/GGC-3A  and Teletypewriter Reperforator-Tans-
mitters TT-76/GGC, TT-76A/GGC, TT-76B/GGC, and TT-76C/GGC.
TM 11-5815-238-20P, Teletypewriter Sets AN/GGC-3, and AN/GGC-3A and Teletypewriter Reperforator-Trans-
mitters TT-76/GGC, TT-76A/GGC, TT-76B/GGC, and TT-76C/GGC.
TM 11-5815-334-12, Radio Teletypewriter Sets AN/GRC-142, AN/GRC-142A, AN/GRC-142B, AN/GRC-122,
AN/GRG-122A, and AN/GRC-122B.
TM 11-5815-334-20P, Radio Teletypewriter Sets AN/GRC-142, AN/GRC-142A, AN/GRC-142B, AN/GRC-122,
AN/GRC-122A, and AN/GRC-122B.
TM 11-5815-338-15, Device, Low Level Signaling TT-523/GGC and TT-523A/GGC.
TM 11-5820-489-20P, Control Group AN/GRA-6.
TM 11-5820-520-12, Radio Sets AN/GRG-106 and AN/GRC-106A.
TM 11-5820-765-12, Power Supplies PP-4763/GRC and PP-4763A/GRC.
TM 11-5965-222-14P, Dynamic Loudspeaker LS-166/U.
TM 11-6125-252-15P, Motor-Generator PU-724/G.
TM 11-6625-333-15, Standing-Wave-Ratio Power Meter ME-165/G.
c. Illustrations - Listing. The illustrations in this RPSTL are identical to those published in TM 11-5815-334-
34P-1. Only those parts coded "C" or "O" in the third position of the SMR code are listed in the tabular listing;
therefore, there may be a break in the item number sequence, figure number and page number. Only illustrations
containing organizational or aviation unit authorized items appear in this RPSTL.
TM 11-6625-333-15P, Standing-Wave-Ratio Power Meter ME-165/G.
d. National Stock Numbers. National stock numbers (NSN's) that are missing from P source coded items have
been applied for and will be added to this TM by future change/revision when they are entered in the Army
Master Data File (AMDF). Until the NSN's are established and published, submit exception requisitions to:
Commander, US Army Communications-Electronics Command and Fort Monmouth, ATTN: AMSEL-MM, Fort
Monmouth, NJ 07703-5006 for the part required to support your equipment.
e. Stacked Format. This RPSTL is arranged in a stacked format. All illustrations are located at the end of
section II and are in numerical sequence.
6. How to Locate Repair Parts
a. When National stock number or part number is not known.
(1) First. Using the table of contents, determine the assembly group or subassembly group to which the
item belongs. This is necessary since figures are prepared for assembly groups and subassembly groups, and
listings are divided into the same groups.

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