Quantcast Connections for Operation in FADAC Systern (TT-537/G)


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Page Title: Connections for Operation in FADAC Systern (TT-537/G)
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Connections for Receive-Only Operation
TM-11-5815-206-12 Teletypewriter Sets AN/PGC-1 AND AN/PGC-3 and Teletypewriters TT-4A/TG TT-4B/TG TT-4C/TG TT-335/TG TT-537/G TT-698/TG Manual
Line Current Adjustment (TT-537/G)
TM 11-5815-206-12 /TO 31W4-2PGC1-61
2-14. Connections for Operation in FADAC Sys-
metallic path between two stations; the earth is
tern (TT-537/G)
used as the return path to complete the circuit.
Establish a ground-return signal circuit as foIlows
at each station:
Turn off all equipment. Insert the telephone-type
a. Establish a good ground connection point as
plug at the end of the line cable (fig. 1-6) into the
mating connector on the front panel (fig. 3-1.1
)described in Paragraph 2-7b (2).
or behind the hole in the left Side of he-TT.
b. Connect an insulated wire from the ground
connection point to one of the two line terminal
537/G dust cover (fig. 1-8). Connect the 55-pin
board terminals that are associated with the signal
connector of the line cable to the mating connector
o f the computer.  If the telephone-type plug is
c. Connect the signal line to the other terminal
damaged, connect the signal lines directly to line
associated with the signal circuit.
terminals 3 () and 4 (+).
2-17. Line Current Adjustment (TT-4(*)/TG
2-15. Connections for Full-Duplex Operation
and TT-335/TG)
a. High Level Units (B, fig. 2-8).
For circuit line-up purposes, one of the stations
(1) Loosen the nuts of terminals 1 through 6
( n o r m a l l y the station of highest authority) is
of the line terminal board (B, fig. 2-6) and move
designated the control station and the others are
both shorting bars on the line terminal board to
designated noncontrol stations. Be sure the LINE
the vertical position (lower end of bars not in
INCREASE knob (fig. 3-1) is fully counter-
contact with any lower terminal).
clockwise at the control station and fully clock-
(2) Connect one of the two receive signal lines to
wise at all noncontrol stations before beginning the
terminal 3; connect the other signal line to ter-
l i n e current adjustment procedure during in-
minal 4. If the pointer of the D.C. MILLIAM-
stallation of the teletypewriter.
PERES meter (A, fig. 3-1) does not move to the
a. Half-Duplex Operation (De System) (A, fig.
right, reverse the connections to terminals 3 and 4.
(3) Connect either of the send signal lines to
(1) The operator at the control station must
terminal 1; connect the other signal line to ter-
slowly turn the LINE INCREASE knob clockwise
minal 2.
u n t i l the pointer of the D.C. MILLIAMPERES
( 4 ) Connect the two leads of Power Cable
meter (fig. 3-1) indicates 75 on the meter scale.
Assembly CX-1202/1U (fig. 1-5) to terminals 5 and
(2) If only one station is connected to the
6. Connect the plug on the other end of the CX-
control station teletypewriter, the operator at the
1202/U to a 105-125-volt, dc power source.
n o n c o n t r o l station must slowly turn the LINE
INCREASE  knob  counterclockwise  until  the
When connected for full-duplex operation
pointer of his meter indicates 60 on the meter
( (1) through (4) above), each station
scale. If more than one noncontrol station is in the
normally provides power only for the signal
circuit, the operator at each noncontrol station, in
circuit connected to its SEND terminals
turn, must turn his LINE INCREASE knob
(send circuit).  T o p r o v i d e p o w e r a t a
c o u n t e r c l o c k w i s e slowly to decrease the meter
station for the receive circuit also, connect
reading in equal amounts until the meter indicates
one of the receive signal lines to terminal 6
60 (for example, in a three-station circuit, each of
(instead of terminal 3 ((2) above) connect a
the two noncontrol stations would decrease the
jumper from terminal 3 to terminal 5, and
current reading approximately 7 ma).
m a k e all other connections exactly as
b. Half-Duplex
described in ((1) through (4) above. See
System ) (B, fig. 2-7). Turn the LINE INCREASE
caution, paragraph 2-11 b.
knob clockwise slowly until the pointer indicates 20
b. Low Level Units (TT-698(*)/TG ) (C, fig. 2-
milliamperes on the meter scale,
c. Full-Duplex Operation (B, fig. 2-8). Turn the
(1) Connect the two send signal lines to the
LINE INCREASE knob clockwise slowly until the
XMIT OUT terminals of A1TB1.
pointer indicates 60 milliamperes on the meter
(2) Connect the two receive signal lines to the
RCVR IN terminals of A1TB1,
(3) Connect signal lines ground shields to the
When  a  TT-4(*)/TG  is  installed  for  full-
GRD terminal of A1TB1.
duplex operation (B, fig. 2-8), the LINE
2-16. Connections for Ground-Return Signal
I N C R E A S E knob is used to adjust the
value of current in the receive circuit only
A ground-return signal circuit includes only one
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